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Our Approach

Strategy and Plan: This is the first stage where our analysts will workshop and establish approach to quality by creating plans and quality strategy. This will include scope of functional tests, automation tests, stress tests, performance tests, more based on the system and infrastructure requirements.

Baseline System: After establishing the approach our quality analysts will help in baselining existing system. They will create prototypes, mocks, data, more and keep them up to date. This step ensures that however smaller the change is quality is not compromised.

Continues testing: With a plan in place and testing setup ready for execution, our quality analysts will test in all environments and make sure every change has passed the quality standards defined in previous steps. Convex Analysts are equipped with in-depth understanding of what could go wrong with system and infrastructure changes.

Release to Market: Our analysts will work with your business for smooth release of change to the market. Our Analyst will provide visual aids like dashboards, monitoring, more to provide you with near real time update to help you understand the risks involved.

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