Information System Analysis

We help our clients achieve increased efficiency and flexibility with their information systems.

Our analysis assesses information systems against business objectives to reduce cost and risk for our clients.

Use Convex Information System Analysis Services

Our Approach

1. Specification:

At this stage our business analysts will work with business users and identify limitations within which the system will operate, develop, or can evolve. Our requirement engineering techniques in this stage will make sure that all the users’ expectations are discussed and understood.

2. Design and implementation:

At this stage convex systems analysts Acts as a liaison between the business and IT. We work closely with your data base administrator, solution architects, UX designers, developers and make sure software systems are designed and implemented keeping the business goals in mind.

3. Validation:

This stage our Quality and system analyst work together and ensures that the software developed complies with the design specifications and the expectations of the system user. Various tests are carried out during this process all focused to generate more value for your business.

4. Evolution:

All software systems in this world of continual change needs evaluation and enhancements to remain relevant. Our system analysts will make sure your systems are constantly evolving to stay relevant to your business objectives.

Being successful with technology is the key to business success; and good analysis is the key to success with technology.

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