Business Process Analysis

We help our clients improve their business processes in the digital age by implementing technology solutions to overcome weaknesses, inefficiencies and bottlenecks in their business processes.

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Our Approach

1. Explore Customers Business:

This is the first stage where we explore your organisational processes and domain. Our business analysts will workshop and establish a common understanding of your processes

2. Analyse Problems:

After establishing a common understanding our analysts dig dipper into your processes asking the right questions to the right stakeholders and determine problems and scope of improvements.

3. Determine Solutions:

With the problem defined our analysts work with you and we determine a possible solution for you whether it’s a process modification, a new system, an organisational change

4. Develop the Requirements:

Our business process analysts will work with your end users in this phase and using the BABOK requirement engineering techniques develop your solution requirements

5. Validate the Requirements

This is where our Quality analysts and Business analysts work with end users and validate that the solutions works the way it is envisioned.

6. Accompany Implementation:

Our analysts will work with your development and change management team to drive the change in your organisation.

Convex analysis will help you implement the right technology, the right way

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